Friday, October 14, 2011

My new helper: Meet Charlie

The word "helper" may not be exactly the right word... perhaps major distraction, master messer or new obsession may be more accurate. As you can tell, Charlie has the epitome of puppy dog eyes which make it very easy for him to get what he wants which usually consists of cuddles, constant attention or a never ending game of fetch. Nonetheless he is the newest addition here at Hobart & Haven and he may just inspire me to design a couple pet friendly note cards for the animal lovers out there. While some aspects of quality of life suffer like lack of sleep, floors that need a daily cleaning and triple laundry, there are also many aspects that are forever improved like the unconditional love your loyal pup provides, the pride you have over teaching a trick or command and the new dog owner friends you meet at the dog parks. THANK GOD for dog parks.

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