Sunday, September 9, 2012

String Chandeliers- DIY wedding decoration

One of the DIY craft projects my parents and I worked on for my wedding was string chandeliers. It's the same idea as the popular paper lanterns (but without lights). I thought it was such a cool decorative element for a rustic looking wedding. I received so many compliments and thought I'd share the instructions below. I've seen people make these for their homes, girls rooms, table decor etc.

String Chandeliers (without the light)

Rustic DIY Wedding setup with string chandeliers

1. Inflate multiple sized balloons to a medium size so the shape is roundest.
2. Grab a tarp or old blanket to cover your work area. This gets VERY messy. Mix corn starch, glue and warm water together until it has a smooth texture.
3. Smear Vaseline all over your balloon until it is completely coated so the yarn wet with glue won’t stick on the balloon after dry.
4. This is ideally a two person job at minimum. I recommend one person feeding the yarn through the glue mix and giving to another person to wrap it around the balloon.
5. Start wrapping the balloon vertically, slowly changing to horizontal wrapping. For a seamless look, tuck the ends of the twine under one of the wrapped strings.
6. Wait 24 hours until the balloon has completely dried before popping the balloon.
7. Spray the string chandeliers with clear fast drying spray paint as a sealant. You can even spray the yarn a color.

Colored balloons (this will allow you to see the pattern of the wrapped string better) - I recommend sizes 9", 16", 24" and 30" for a variety of sizes
12 oz Elmer's glue, 
White cotton yarn 
Tray or bucket for glue mixture
2 cup of Corn starch
1 cup of Warm water 
A Stirrer
Clear fast drying spray paint
Fishing line to hang balloons from  

*you may have to double/triple recipe based on the amount and size of chandeliers made.

The finished product is totally worth it :) I promise.


  1. wow!! this is too cute..
    Thank you for sharing the procedure on how to make this cute chandeliers.

  2. I'm going to try this idea for my grandsons 1st birthday party as single ones and as grouped together for a archway effecr useing all diff colored balloons and string without popping them all.....would be a real colorful idea

  3. y not try with hair spray over the balloon.Tie the yarn and then spray again till stiff. then pop.But to me the balloon inside looks prettier.


  4. Hi did you use cotton yarn as in wool or cotton string?

  5. How do you then get the light bulb into the chandelier?

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  8. Great decoration idea for almost every occasion! In this winter time it is perfect, because reminds snow and snowmen (talking that it is raining all the time). It is great for wedding too, because is simple, not expensive and looks very nice.

  9. Free trick for glue covered string-- cut a tiny hole in the plastic lid of a tall yogurt container filled with your glue And roll of string in the glue so it has time to get coated in glue solution ...pull string through the hole in the lid as dispenser ...makes less mess works great I never found it necessary to grease up the Balloon but whatever works for ya...would look great as the whole ceiling!